Neurons, however similar to other cells in the human body, have a fundamental difference between them and other cells. This difference is the ability to transmit information throughout the body.
They are specialized nerve cells, responsible for communicating information through chemical and electrical activities. There are a variety of types of neurons responsible for different functions in the human body.
Regarding function, there are sensory neurons that carry information from receptors, spread throughout the body, to the brain. And there are also motor neurons that transmit information from the brain to the muscles and glands in the body. Interneurons are responsible for communicating information between different neurons in the body.
Communication between neurons is called a synapse. And it is done through electrical and chemical signals (neurotransmitters).
Neurotransmitters are an essential part of our daily functioning.

What is the purpose of Neurobiological Deprogramming?

The purpose of deprogramming is to create a reality in which you can allow your cells to return to their natural shape, no longer staying, on the effects created by the impressions of our thoughts, sensations, beliefs, repetitive patterns and emotions, thus undoing many traumas that were printed on our cells.


NBD acts on neural plasticity.

* Enhances neurocellular plasticity by improving your reasoning and memory capacity;

* Deprograms your cells of all limiting and imbalance information;

*   Deprograms repetitive mental, emotional and physical behaviors that prevent you from having access to more quality of life;

* Deprogram fears, phobias and traumas;

* Acts on all cells of your body, organs and tissues and is therefore indicated to enhance the treatment of any physical and emotional pathology;

* Invites your cells to return to their original shape, releasing the patterns that create imbalance and disease;

* Discover the joy of being who you are, empowering yourself to have access to your greatness;

* Creates more opportunities to expand in all areas of your life.

* This technique will deprogram repetitive mental, emotional and physical behaviors that prevent you from having access to everything that is available to you. It will deprogram your cells of everything that limits you.

It is an invitation to your cells to return to their original format by eliminating all the impressions, blockages and traumas that you have had throughout your life.

Who is your deprogrammer?

Hi, my name is Mara Rodrigues, your Neurobiological Deprogrammer.
I’m passionate if not addicted to Quantum Physics. I am a graduate and certified trainer in the Law of Attraction, Vibrational Frequency among others.
I “help” people to recognize what is limiting them, releasing all the energy charge associated with that “place”, thus creating more space for them to choose a new reality!
Can I be a contribution to you?

How are the sessions held?

Presential or Online

Session Duration

Sessions vary between 15 to 30 minutes.